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Major Types of Academic Writing

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You must deal with different types of academic writing during your academic career. You might be proficient at some types of academic writing but what will you do if you must tackle a certain type of writing you are not familiar with.

You as a student have two options to solve this issue. First one is that you have to hire the best academic writing service. They have the best and dedicated writing experts for each type of writing. You don’t have to do anything; they will take care of everything from start to finish.

The second option you have is to take academic writing help from many sources. Don’t rely on a single source for help. Use the internet to collect material and getting useful writing tips. The teacher will guide you throughout your writing and use the library to get in-depth knowledge on the topic you are writing.

Types of Academic Writing

There are many types of academic writing out there. Some of the major ones are:


It is the shorter form of writing and you have expressed your opinion in the essay. They test your language and knowledge on a topic.


Assignments are one of the most common types of academic writing. You have to answer the questions according to the teacher requirements. They are graded and add to your final grade.


The thesis is one of the toughest forms of academic writing. It requires high-class research and analysis. You have to present your own idea. It is normally written in PhD studies.

Research Papers

Students have to write research papers but for they need to be familiar with the research paper writing styles. You need to read few research paper before you can write your own paper.


Coursework is the work students have to do during the course. Mostly they are graded and add to your final score.

Term Paper

You have covered most of the topic taught during the term or semester and give it the shape of a term paper. You have to do a research on different topics for writing a term paper


It is similar to thesis and also very tough to handle. It is written for master’s degree. You have to present an idea that can make a positive impact on your field.

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