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How to Write a Brilliant Essay?

Students complain about that they don’t get the opportunity to express themselves, but when essay writing comes in front of them they don’t even consider it an opportunity and fail to make the most of this opportunity. Students fail at essay writing because they don’t have language skills to put their ideas on paper.

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Get Off to A Good Start

Beginning of your essay is crucial to set up your argument and linking it with other preceding section of the essay. Your goal must be to introduce the topic and add something special that can grab the reader’s attention almost instantly. To do that, you will have to give surprising statistic or fact. You can also use a famous quotation. This will force the reader to read preceding paragraphs.

Complete Picture

Your essay must provide both sides of the picture in front of the reader so that the reader can easily make a decision himself. Give enough space to both aspects so that the reader won’t think that you are biased. You should present your argument in the light of evidence from credible sources and never force your opinion on the reader.


Proper flow and structure of your essay make it easier for the reader to digest the ideas you want to convey to them. Each paragraph should have a sentence in the end that connects it with the next paragraph. Ideas should also be presented in a logical order. Don’t put too many ideas into a single paragraph because it will do nothing other than confusing the reader.

Food For Thought

Conclude your essay by summarizing the essay briefly. The conclusion must provide something for the reader to think about and do more research. Provide your opinion at the end by considering the evidence you have provided. You can end with a quotation that gives a suitable ending to your essay. An effective conclusion makes up a good essay. Never introduce a new point in the conclusion and try to wind up your essay.

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