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Home works and its Impact on Students

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In general conceptions and practices, the most common thing which is mostly practised in academic education is homework writing or writing an assignment. There are many things which are needed in writing a homework. We will be discussing them further in our paper. Now in general practices, there are two types of impact of homework.

  1. The reason to give homework
  2. Impact of the assignments on the students
  3. These are both the things where the whole story of an assignment lies. We would be discussing the second feature in detail further in this paper. Here is a brief overview of the first impact of this paper which is“The reason to give homework”. There are many advantageous aspects of a homework-like:
    • Easy learning techniques for students.
    • Useful skills for research.
    • Extracting extra knowledge.

Besides some common features and their quick impacts on the students, these types of learnings can harm students sometimes because of the mistakes of the teachers. For example, a teacher has assigned a student with the works which is irrelevant to the soul of the topic and let’s suppose that the student has completed his work on time, now for a maximum period of time till the student is not corrected by someone, he will do same practice for that particular topic. For that reason, the teacher should assign the students to relevant topic and theme which is extremely in relative to the topic. Now the second part of the homework which is“Impact of the assignments on the students”.

  • Replication of Concepts
  • Peer pressure
  • Competitions
  • Learnings

Replication of Concepts

Now, the thing which is mostly practised in the corporative world is group work. Every company assigns its projects to the groups. But the practice which is common in academies is to assign the same topic or assignment to the whole class which leads them to the repetition and most of the time, the copy pasting techniques in unique ways are applied in completing those assignments.

Peer pressure

One of the impacts which affect the students most is pressure. Sometimes, this pressure works positively on the student and many times, this pressure leaves its negative impact like a headache and irrelevancy.


This feature is many times proved to be the plus point for the academies. The thing which is needed in this process is a good and appropriate check and balance on the students to see whether a student has used his own words or used coursework writing service for success.


Besides every positive or negative impact of coursework, there are many aspects for both students and teachers to learn. The students should learn here about the possibilities of doing a work.

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