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Different Stages Involved in Thesis

Thesis Writing Services

Do you like to take on tough challenges? Then thesis writing will give you a good company. Determination and consistent hard work in the right direction is what you need to get over this daunting task. Students have to be on top of their game if they want to succeed at thesis writing. They will have to go all out for it.

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Different stages are involved in the complete thesis process are as follows:

1.    Thesis Proposal
2.    Thesis Writing
3.    Thesis Defense

Thesis Proposal

Build your thesis proposal around a set of research questions that you will be targeting with your thesis. Present comprehensive literature review in the thesis proposal. If you don’t know how to write a thesis proposal, ask a faculty member to guide you or read thesis proposals written by senior students. Only include those things in your proposal that you will also discuss in your thesis.

Thesis Writing

After getting the green signal from the committee, start writing your thesis. Make the thesis proposal a thesis chapter, but give it a polished look. Make multiple drafts and improve the thesis with each draft. The important ideas should be clearly defined and explained. For explaining it in detail, you can use examples, tables, charts or graphs, facts and figures.

Lure the reader towards your thesis with an introduction that has something unique in it. Develop the reader’s interest by preceding chapters and explain your research in simple language. End the thesis by summarizing and pointing out the limitations of your research and future topics that need to be explored.

Thesis Defense

Try to get permission for sitting in a thesis defence and analyze it carefully. This will wipe out any misconception you used to have about what you will have to do in the thesis defence. Focus on making your defence as an educational presentation.

Discuss the significance and outcomes as well as the issues you faced during the whole process. It is better to discuss your research with a friend or a teacher and you will be able to see the weaknesses in your research that you can overcome before thesis defence.  

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