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Dos and Don’ts of Essay Writing

Students are lucky because they have access to essay writing service that can give them a top quality essay before their specified deadline. Their experts know everything about essay writing because they have led many students to good grades in essays. The Internet is loaded with tips for essay writing.


  • Complete your research before you start writing. Never write your essay with incomplete research.
  • Backup your arguments with solid proofs and convince the reader of your argument.
  • Take feedback on your essay from multiple people and discuss your essay with friends. You can also ask for help from friends.
  • Follow the introduction, body and conclusion formula to construct your essay. Grab the attention of the reader in the introduction. Present both positive and negative aspects in detail in the body section. Summarize the key points in few sentences.
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions especially formatting guidelines such as font, font size and word count. Know what the teacher expects from your essay and give him that.
  • Work on your essay on any other time if you are not finding ideas for your essay. Take a break and come back refreshed.


  • Copy contents from other’s work and pasting it in your essay will devalue your essay and is considered plagiarism. It will destroy the flow of your essay and kills the purpose of assigning you an essay topic.
  • Don’t make spelling mistakes in your essay. It is the biggest reason why students get low marks. They should also keep an eye on the language, tone and grammar.
  • Use contraction in the essay. Your essay should not be biased or should not favour one side of the argument.
  • Don’t rely on the internet as the only source to collect material for your essay because it is an open medium and anyone can publish any information. The authenticity of information is questionable. Rely on books and other reliable sources to collect material for your essay.
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